Raz Dwa Trzy is a newly established  hotel – restaurant complex built in 2010.
Excellent location on Highway No. 5 Poznań – Wrocław, at a distance of 5 km from Leszno, about 70 km from Poznań and about  100 km from Wrocław makes the Hotel an ideal place for night accommodation as well as a very convenient stop on the route.

We are famous for one of the best cuisines in the area of Leszno.

If you are looking for a hotel in Lipno, near Leszno, there is no better place to stay overnight than Raz Dwa Trzy. The Hotel is located on Highway No. 5 on the way from Wrocław to Poznań. It offers comfort conditions at an affordable price. This is the best accommodation in Lipno, the best accommodation in Leszno. We offer accommodation for sales representatives, travelling on business and tourists. It is an excellent tourist accommodation to visit Boszków, Osieczna, located near the Sanctuary in Górka Duchowna.


The Restaurant of the Hotel Raz Dwa Trzy is a stylish place for good taste lovers. Without a doubt our chief assets are noticeable right from the entry:

  • Meals ready on the spot – you do not have to wait for their preparation;
  • All dishes are visible – you know what you order and how the ready meal looks like;
  • We serve always fresh meals – you are sure, that everything you order is prepared of the fresh ingredients ;
  • Portion size – as per the Guest’s suggestions;
  • The taste – be sure that after tasting our dishes we will become your favourite restaurant;
  • Excellent service – fully meeting your expectations.
  • The restaurant hall is arranged accordingly to the clients’ needs. So we offer space appropriate for :
  • having fast meal;
  • having a casual conversation ;
  • meeting friends;
  • family meals;
  • business meetings;
  • having some romantic time.

We are famous for one of the best cuisines near Leszno.

Our dishes are fresh, juicy and always delicious. We take excellent care of our clients just from the entry and the experience proves, who visits once, that keeps coming back.

Is that due to original rich buffet breakfasts, due to delicious and filling up dinners at little price, due to  mouth-watering desserts and coffee, or  rather due to charming service?

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LIPNO ul. Leszczyńska 4 64-111 Lipno tel. +48 (65) 5340 202 fax. +48 (65) 5340 272 recepcja@razdwatrzy.com.pl